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The Tidy  ValveThe Tidy Valve and the old valve

We have recently become agents for “The Tidy Valve” – designed by a mechanic for the mechanic. Most mechanics know the problems with oil draining bowls used in 90% of workshops whether they are made of steel or plastic. The major problem revolves around the POPITT valve in the bottom of the bowl.

Have you had trouble with your oil draining bowls?

Most common problems are caused by something getting caught under the rubber seal such as a piece of gasket, bearing shell or the seal becomes worn. While the oil bowl is full, oil leaks under the seal and onto the floor resulting in a messy clean up. Plus…. they drain so slowly! The replacement valve incorporates a 25ml positive action ball valve which does not leak and drains quickly. The unit comes with its own unique locking system so that when the bowl is on the waste oil adaptor, it will not let you lift the bowl off without first shutting off the valve to prevent putting it back on the stand in the open position.

The Tidy Valve is so simple:

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